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Kleinburg Medical Center is an outpatient medical center, headed by an American and Canadian trained medical doctor. Our goal is to provide world class efficient healthcare services in the community.

We provide family health services, urgent care, health maintenance, specialist services, a well stocked pharmacy, laboratory services, ultrasound, and MedSpa.

Kleinburg Medical Center is a family medicine clinic at the basic level.  This means that we render medical care from “cradle to Grave”. This is another way of saying we care for everyone regardless of age or gender.  In addition, we have a specialist clinic on site such that you don’t have to be referred outside the clinic to get specialist services.  We are a one stop medical facility with access to family physicians, specialist physicians, Laboratory services, Pharmacy, Medspa and Dental services.

Family Practice

To maintain a world standard comprehensive primary health care service and complete family medicine clinic, we provide an array of services including women’s health care, office gynaecology, IUD insertions, men’s health care, adolescent health care, child and Infant health care (paediatrics), prenatal and postnatal health care, pre-employment forms and physicals, chronic disease care, including diabetes, hypertension and cardiac care, immunisation, immunisation record forms (all programmes), psychotherapy, depression and anxiety management, hormone replacement therapy, orthopaedic medicine, insurance physicals, driver physicals, blood work and basic lab tests conducted in-house and other 3rd party services (contact us for specifics).


Kleinburg MedSpa is an exclusive medical and aesthetic wellness boutique serving Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki surrounding area offering a wide array of medical and aesthetic services to improve physical appearance. Kleinburg MedSpa offers cellulite and stretch mark reduction, skin tightening, Vibradermabrasion, and Chemical Peel. We also offer laser hair removal, botox and fillers, scar and sunspot reduction, spider vein reduction, and Laser hair removal treatments. kleinburg Medical strives to provide ongoing patient education, privacy for clients and continuity of care. We aim to provide a rejuvenating experience to men and women who desire to improve their appearance on the outside and within. Kleinburg endeavours to inspire the emanation of youthfulness from every client, by using the latest technology to achieve the most desirable look for our clients. We invite you to browse through our services and to call and book a consultation. To book a service with Kleinburg MedSpa online, please click here. We look forward to making your acquaintance and serving you here at Kleinburg MedSpa.

Specialist Clinic

At Kleinburg Medical Center, we go the extra mile to provide our patients with the very best in specialist health care and limit referal outside our walls, hence we bring the specialist to you.  To ensure the best outcome,

we have specialist doctors in the following health care units:

  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Orhopedics and Joint issues


Our pharmacy delivers expert care, convenience and value. Visit the pharmacy for prescriptions, wellness, beauty, hygiene and other health care pharmaceutical products. The pharmacy portrays a wide assortment of high quality and excellent products. We not only help to choose correctly prescribed medicines, we also advice on the appropriate usage of these prescriptions.


We Happy To Help You

Our teams of qualified and skilled doctors provide a personalized experience in a caring and comfortable environment to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Utilizing the latest medical technologies and treatments, our staff are committed to delivering convenient and valuable services to meet the needs of the community.

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